International Relations Commission

The International Relations Commission was established by the Extended Executive Board of the University in 2003. The main responsibilities of the commission concern the University of Zurich's internationalization policy:

  • Needs analyses at the faculties;
  • Exchange of information among the faculties;
  • Developing strategies in teaching, research, and mobility, as well as introducing the measures necessary to implement the strategies;
  • Processing applications and advising applicants;
  • Submission of proposals to the Executive Board of the University, especially proposals concerning strategies and the required measures. The Extended Executive Board of the University decides on academic issues.
Chairperson Prof. Dr. Christian Schwarzenegger
Representatives of the Faculties
Faculty of Theology Prof. Dr. Konrad Schmid
Faculty of Law Prof. Dr. Andrea Büchler
Faculty of Economics, Business Administration
and Information Technology
Prof. Dr. David Seidl
Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Olivier Devuyst
Vetsuisse Faculty Prof. Dr. Thorsten Buch
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Prof. Dr. Daniel Müller Nielaba
Faculty of Science Prof. Dr. Marta Manser
Representatives of the Associations (Stände)
Privatdozents Prof. Dr. Stefanie Stadler Elmer
Non-Professorial Academic Staff Ulrich Brandenburg
Student Body Maximilian Kallenbach
Representative of the ATP Peter Plötz
Head of International Relations
Head of International Relations Dr. Yasmine Inauen

The current term ends on 31 July 2021.